Core Values

  • Integrity

  • Experience

  • Community

  • Excellence

  • Reliability

  • Philanthropy

Organizations We Support



At Seaside Services we are first generation family owned and operated. We place high value on integrity and excellence in our work and culture. Maintaining lasting, quality relationships with our employees and customers is important to us. We believe in hard work, and know that the success of our company hinges upon the success of our team and our customers. We provide year round work, full benefits and retirement for our employees. We know that we are blessed to be a blessing, and supporting our communities is essential. We support our local food banks, chambers of commerce, youth sports programs, churches and partner with organizations such as Marked, who are making tremendous impact in the impoverished villages of Latin America. Learn more.


Established in 2000, owner Chad Davis began the journey of Seaside Services in the Stanwood/Camano area. The company grew from just himself to 15 employees by the summer of 2004.

Now, with more than two decades of experience, Seaside Services specializes in extensive, broad spectrum grounds maintenance for commercial properties.