Seaside Services is proud to be serving Snohomish, Island, Skagit and Whatcom counties. Family owned and operated, Seaside places high value on integrity and excellence in their work and culture, while providing over two decades of experience in grounds maintenance and construction.

  • Landscape Maintenance

    Seaside Services has grown into one of the Northwest’s premier landscape maintenance contractors with multiple crews serving Snohomish, Island, Skagit and Whatcom counties. Also offering seasonal pruning and storm cleanup.

  • Landscape Construction

    Seaside provides over two decades of experience with patios, walkways, proper engineering and construction of retaining walls, irrigation systems, flower beds and plantings, erosion control, drainage solutions and more.

  • Irrigation & Drainage Solutions

    Seaside offers a wide range of irrigation options from large scale multiple zone systems with varying spray heads, to smaller scale irrigation designs for grass, trees and flower beds. We also provide a wide variety of drainage solutions for water accumulation.

  • Clearing & Brush Cutting

    From grading to clearing, Seaside specializes in brush cutting, stump grinding, clearing and more.

  • Rock & Block Walls

    For over two decades Seaside has been designing and building some of the finest rock and block walls in the Northwest. We offer various options of block and rock walls including flat or rough faced designs for both retaining and cosmetic walls.

  • Snow & Ice Removal

    Seaside has been providing snow and ice removal for over two decades. We maintain a large fleet of snowplow trucks and are experienced in the application of salt and chemical de-icing agents. We can meet the diverse and timely winter needs of sidewalk snow removal, parking lot snow removal and de-icing.

  • Storm Drain Cleaning

    Vactor truck removal of sediment, water and debris from storm drains. Jetting lines. Contech certified filter replacement and maintenance provider.

  • Asphalt Repair & Crack Filling

    Seaside can remove damaged asphalt, patch asphalt, crack fill and seal coat existing parking lots or driveways. For commercial properties we specialize in asphalt patching and seal coating.

  • Seal Coating & Striping

    Seaside provides seal coating, parking lot striping after seal coating, or re-striping existing parking lots.

  • Concrete Curbs & Repair

    Often found to be a vital service for commercial properties, Seaside can repair existing concrete curbing, install new curbing and install speed bumps.


Established in 2000, owner Chad began the journey of Seaside Services in the Stanwood/Camano area. Chad Davis grew from just himself to 15 employees by the summer of 2004.